Bristol Dog Walker

Man’s best friend- a dog- is a pet in most homes. A dog is a great companion and a great playmate. Initially, dogs were not domestic animals. They are used to spend all their lives outdoors. When the man finally domesticated dogs, they had to adapt to living in the confines of the walls. As much as the dogs are household pets, they need to spend enough time outdoors. One way of letting your dog spend time outdoors is taking it out for a walk. But with your three-day jobs and two kids to take care of, you may not have enough time to walk your dog. It is this need that led

companies like Bristol Dog Walker came with an idea to offer the best dog walking services. Dog walkers will spend time with your dog hence relieving the dog of the built-up anxiety.If you live around Bristol, you have seen several professional dog walkers offering the best dog walking services ranging from dog walking to Dog Daycare. You will not be stressed where you will leave your pet if you need to travel on vacation; some destinations restrict pets.

How to Select the Best Dog Walking Service

It is your responsibility to take good care of your pet. However, due to your busy schedule, it may not be possible. That does not stop you from giving your dog the best care. You can hire a professional to do the job for you. Use the following simple tips to get the best dog walking service in Bristol,

  1. Get Recommendations

Getting a dog walker is a meticulous job. If you get a few recommendations from friends, you will save a lot of time searching. You will gain valuable information from your friend. You will be sure you are leaving your pet in good hands.

  1. Review Different Dog Walking websites

Probably your friends will give you more than five recommendations. It will not be logical to call all the walkers to have a day with your dog. Therefore, you need to visit the website of each walker, confirm the services they offer and go through the reviews. You will narrow down to two or three walkers for the next step.

  1. Invite select Candidates To Interact With Your Dog

Dog’s instincts are powerful. They will love a good person on the first interaction. It is, therefore, essential to call your select candidates to interact with your dog. They may all come at the same time or schedule different times to meet each of them.

  1. Ask Relevant Questions

There are few things you will need to know, like where they will walk your dog, how long they walk dogs, their charges per hour, or if the person who came will walk the dog. Only stick to the relevant questions.

  1. Go for a Test Walk

It is essential to know how the walker will interact with your dog. Let the walker spend a minimum of 20 minutes with your dog. You can accompany them to monitor the behavior of your dog when it is in the company of the walker.


Have the above tips on your mind to select the best dog walking services. Remember, the safety and comfort of your dog should come first.