Electroplating – Full Protection Against Corrosion

Electroplating is very important if you intend to safeguard the metal. You will come across many companies that are doing electroplating. Search for the reliable company so that proper electroplating work is done. Choose the company that satisfies its customers to the fullest. There are numerous benefits and important features that electroplating offers. Understand those features and benefits to gain knowledge about electroplating.

Different Types of Plating

Depending on the need and necessity of electroplating there are different types of electroplating that you can opt for. The different types of electroplating are namely mass plating, rack plating, continuous plating and line plating. There are different benefits of these plating.

Types and Important Things About Electroplating

Mass plating is not ideal in case of items, if you wish to prevent entanglement and scratches. Those who are interested to get the rack plating done should be aware that it is more expensive. But the best part is that this plating is effective and advisable for delicate and large parts. On the other hand continuous plating is cheaper comparatively and is used in parts such as tubes and wires. In line plating a production line and few chemicals are used in order to plate parts. It is considered to be the cheaper form of plating.

The most importance benefit of electroplating is that it enhances the overall appearance of the metal or jewelry. It provides lustrous and makes it attractive so the buyers get the best thing. In case of nickel plating it helps in reducing the build-up of friction in electrical connectors. It also improves the overall performance and also helps in reducing the basic wear and tear of any material.

Preparing a Proper Surface

Metal are used for electroplating are Tin, Iron, Cobalt, zinc and platinum. It is vital to prepare a proper surface before you start the procedure of electroplating. Sometimes due to contamination it can lead to results that are really bad. To reduce contamination you need to prepare proper surface for doing electroplating. These steps include cleaning the surface, treatment and surface rinsing.

In cleaning process solvents such as water, alkaline cleaners or acid cleaners are used. This helps in removing the layers of oil that are present on the surface. In treatment process modification is done and that helps in hardening of all the parts as well as applying the metal layers. Last step is rinsing which leads to finished and final product.

Cleaning is of two types first is the chemical cleaning and second physical cleaning. In chemical cleaning various chemicals are used. In physical cleaning the use of mechanical energy is applied. This mechanical energy helps in removing the contaminants properly. Use of ultrasonic agitation and brush abrasion is also used in physical cleaning.

Request For A Quote

First of all choosing a reliable company for the entire electroplating is important and secondly requesting a quote for the services. If you are satisfied with the quote you can finalize the order and book for the services. Clarify all your doubts if any before you get the booking done.