Independent Private Schools

The Cambridge Centre for Sixth-form Studies is one of the top independent private schools in the UK. As a true center of educational excellence, this higher-learning institute is situated within a tranquil and peaceful environment. At CCSS, they embody the spirit of independent thinking with no limitations on inner-thought and creativity. Similarly, the essence of CCSS lies within its pluralism; a diverse faculty and student body make up the core foundation and elements of the school. From test-prep and college entrance exams to university- bound students, CSS prepares all pupils for life in and out of college. This includes independent – critical – and free thinking, along with the importance of expanding your educational horizons to earn a well-paying job after graduation.
CCSS Programs and Academia
CCSS programs and coursework are designed to help students achieve their educational goals. From business and finance to liberal arts – CCSS features a wide range of courses taught in smaller, personalized classes. This helps students learn at their own pace, while interactive with instructors and students on collaborative projects. As always, there are grade advisers and guidance counselors available to help students with problems in life, home or especially college- related issues. Whether you want to secure gainful employment after college or personal enrichments, CCSS can truly turn your educational dreams into realities.
The Academic Foundation Program (AFP)
The Academic Foundation Program is great for students that want to expand their educational horizons. While the program is designed for students ages 14-17, the innovative curriculum helps prepare them for excellence in college and university level studies. The program also helps them learn vital life skills – with a strong emphasis on critical and free thinking. The English language courses are also essential for students that do not speak English as their native language.