Joiners in Cambridge

If you are in the market for a Cambridge joiner you may have noticed that it is not easy to settle on one. Although there are many it can be hard to know which one to choose because they all claim that they are the best that the industry has to offer. You don’t want a joiner who will do shoddy work in your otherwise beautiful home, so it is important that you choose carefully.
Be wary of joiners who are all about the sales pitch. Good joiners, and indeed any other good professional, let their work talk to them. Instead of bombarding you with sales talk they will show you samples of work that they have done in the recent past. Some will even contact recent clients and ask permission for you to see what kind of joinery they did for them. They will also show you a portfolio of the different kinds of projects that they have done in the past.
A good joiner is also very keen to give clients information to improve their projects. After doing a free inspection and listening to your ideas they will talk to you about different joinery designs, what kind of wood is best, how best to preserve your joinery and so on. In other words, instead of telling you why you should hire them they will provide you with information to help make your project a success.
On your part make sure that you ask questions about anything you don’t understand or would like to learn more about. Take some time to acquaint yourself with basic knowledge of joinery so that you can ask the right questions. The amount of detail in the answers will tell you whether or not the joiner knows what they are talking about.
Try Salmon Bros. Limited – they are one of the best joinery companies in Cambridge.