Open Days UK

As a busy parent with a sixth form open day coming up for your child you may be wondering whether it is worthwhile to attend. Open days are held in all sixth form colleges across the country and parents and prospective students are invited so that they can learn more about the school. As you debate whether or not to attend take into account the following pros of attending a sixth form open day:
•    You can visit the different departments with your child to see which one they will be able to best fit into. Your teenager may not yet be clear about the subjects that they want to pursue in sixth form and seeing the different departments in action can help give them an idea as to which direction they may want to go.
•    You will be able to learn more about the courses. It is not enough to learn about the departments – getting a feel for the courses themselves is also important. You will be able to talk to the teachers and see whether they have an acceptable teaching style and your child will also get an idea of what is expected of them from each course.
•    Your child can get rid of misguided notions by attending an open day in their sixth form school. They could want to study certain subjects because they have been romanticized, or because their friends will also be taking them. By understanding expectations attached to each course your child can make up their mind based on his or her abilities.
As you book open days for the coming autumn make sure to include the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies, or CCSS. They are a top sixth form school and you can see for yourself during their open day. Find out more on