The Pros of Using Plasterers Scrim in Construction

Plasterers Scrim is a fabric used in the construction industry to provide a smooth, flat surface for plastering. The scrim allows the plasterer to achieve a clean and seamless finish on both drywall and plasterboard. It can also be used as an underlayment when painting ceilings with polyurethane paint or water-based paints.

Plasterers Scrim provides important benefits that make it worth the investment:

1) Longer life span of structures due to improved insulation properties

The use of scrims allows buildings to function better by increasing insulation. It prevents air and moisture from penetrating the wall, which can lead to serious structural damage. This also extends the life span of the building’s interior and exterior finishes such as paint and wallpaper. The best thing about scrim is that it can be used as a sound barrier and noise insulation. It reduces noise pollution by absorbing the sound waves from the echoes before they spread throughout the structure.

2) Reduction of wastage due to better workability

The fabric scrims form an even surface that makes plastering easier and more efficient. It resists ripping and tearing, which reduces the number of plastering materials needed for the job. It also boosts worker productivity by minimizing time spent scraping off excess or sagging plaster. The use of scrims can therefore reduce costs associated with wastage and improve the overall quality of the finish.

3) Use as an underlayment for painting

Plasterers scrims help prepare walls and ceilings for painting by providing a smooth, even surface that absorbs paint better. This is especially beneficial when using high-quality paints such as those made from 100% acrylic which requires priming. Using scrim as an underlayment can help you achieve professional-grade results that could cost more without scrims.

4) Low cost

Plasterers scrims are highly affordable. It can be purchased for just a few dollars, even at large quantities. This makes it possible to use scrim on big projects without breaking the bank. In addition, scrims last longer than most other types of underlayment because they do not tear easily and can be re-used.

5) Save time

Scrims can save time in various ways. First, it provides an even surface that requires the least amount of preparation before painting. This reduces prep time and allows you to get right into the painting job faster. Scrim also eliminates the need for heavy sanding which is required with other underlayments such as fiberglass or metal lath. It also reduces the number of coats applied, which increases work efficiency and saves time.

6) Good aesthetics

Plasterers scrims enhance a smooth finish on walls and ceilings because it forms a solid base for painting while improving paint adhesion. It is suitable for both interior and exterior painting jobs, especially in cold climates where other underlayments may fail to provide a smooth finish.

Overall, plasterers’ scrim is a great investment for construction projects. It provides a number of benefits that make the job easier and improve the overall aesthetics of the finished product. The low cost and easy-to-use nature of scrim also make it an attractive option for large projects. If you’re looking for an affordable way to achieve a professional finish on your next painting project, be sure to consider using plasterers scrim as an underlayment.

Benefits of all glass doors interior

One of the best ways to make a home feel bright and airy is by installing all glass doors. Glass panels really allow the space to flood with natural light, which has been shown in scientific studies to have positive effects on mood and alertness.

That’s not the only perk – all glass doors also have a dramatic effect on privacy! With doors now being made from clear glass, you can let light filter into your private life without compromising your privacy.

Benefits of all glass doors interior

There are many benefits of all glass doors, including:

1.Transmitting natural light to make the living space brighter and more comfortable.

This means you can enjoy a more pleasant and comfortable living environment, even if the weather outside is inclement. For example, if you have all glass doors installed in your bathroom, you can still take a bath during the winter without feeling chilled. Similarly, you may feel more comfortable taking an afternoon nap with all glass panels before working on a project. All glass doors could be used as partitions in all types of rooms – whether it is the bedroom or the shower room is up to your preference!

2.Allows sunlight to enter into private spaces and prevents outside view

Combining new materials and advanced technology has created “transparent” glass panels that allow brightness in and simultaneously prevent outsiders from peering inside. You can now enjoy a private and completely comfortable environment, closed off from the rest of the world.

3.Aesthetically pleasing to the eye and makes a big difference to your living space

All glass doors are also very visually appealing – you’ll find it hard to take your eyes off them! They’re particularly stunning in glass paneled rooms, such as kitchens or living rooms, with the light shining through giving everything a warm glow. You might even want to consider installing them in your home office or den, so that you feel more comfortable working away from home or on holiday! All glass doors are also used as partition walls within rooms, enhancing the space inside while providing privacy.

4.All glass doors are fireproof

All glass doors are fireproof and do not transfer heat or smoke. This means they’re safe in case of a fire and can be used in rooms containing emergency exits, such as the kitchen. For added safety, some all glass door panels also come with automatic opening or closing mechanisms, improving the ventilation within certain rooms while simultaneously preventing any danger.

5.Clean and convenient maintenance due to its smooth surface.

Glass panels allow for easy cleanning and maintenance, since water droplets will roll off without leaving a mark. Moreover, you’ll also find that all glass doors are very easy to install and remove. You can simply go about your daily routine without having to worry about the hassle of taking off the whole door panel.

6.All glass doors increase home safety and security

Since all glass doors are made from transparent material, they can be installed in areas where heavy objects may be placed or stored, such as in your home office or at home safe! All glass panels can also provide plenty of security compared to traditional opaque walls.

The Best Masking Tape To Use for Every Job.

Mask tape is a tape made from paper or cloth used in masking when painting to protect surfaces. Mask tape is commonly called by various names, including painter’s tape, painter’s tape, and sticky tape.

You can purchase a roll in most home improvement stores. The tape comes in many colors, so it is easy to distinguish between layers of paint on your project. Some specialty tapes are even created for particular uses, such as writing on walls without ruining the surface or lifting grease off countertops. There is a perfect type of masking tape that will suit your needs, whatever your project.

Painter’s Tape: Painters’ tape can be found at any building supply store and ranges in price based on its width and durability. This tape is known for its paint-blocking abilities, but it can leave a sticky residue if left on the surface too long.

Painter’s tape

Adhesive tape: Ideal for delicate surfaces, adhesive tape is thin and easily removed after your project. Unfortunately, it can be costly.

Craft tape: Craft tape doesn’t damage walls or woodwork like standard masking tape will, making it ideal for DIYers without much painting experience. It can also be written on with most pens, so you don’t have to worry about ruining the surface of your project! Most brands are non-toxic as well. A downside of craft tape is that removal tends to cause damage to whatever surface it is being used on.

Foam tape: Ideal for corners, this tape is thinner than standard tape and can be manipulated into curves or odd shapes. This tape doesn’t leave behind residue, but it makes the paint slightly less durable. It also tends to curl over time.

Specialty tape: Specialty tape comes in many forms, each unique use. For instance, some are designed to remove grease from counters, while others are used as stencils. You can even find washi tape, which is ideal for labeling boxes or craft projects.

Washi tape

Duct tape: Duct tape will cover larger sections of an area quickly. However, it leaves a sticky residue, so be sure to tape over joints and edges with a video that will leave fewer marks.

Duct tape

Painter’s tape is the best masking tape for most DIY projects because it leaves minimal residue when removed.

A tape measure makes marking lines on your wall quick and easy. In addition, painter’s tape can easily cut around corners without leaving deep indentations behind as duct tape would. When painting downstairs or out of reach, you’ll want to use stretchy adhesive tape that won’t tear easily if tugged at! If you’re working with intricate art pieces, you might need craft tape, which can be written on with regular pens to label layers. It would help if you used specialty tape for particular uses, such as removing grease stains or labeling boxes.

The best tape for your project depends on the quality of the surface you are working with and how long it will be exposed to paint. You can purchase any video at most hardware stores or craft shops, but specialty tape is often easiest to find online.

Benefits of Having a Care Plan Software

There are many ways to ensure that you and your employees stay healthy in the workplace. One of the most common and effective methods is by creating a care plan. A care plan can help prevent conditions from becoming serious or potentially fatal. This article will describe what a care plan software does, how it benefits both employers and employees, who should use this type of software, and how to choose the best care plan software for your needs.

Here are Some Benefits:

1) Keeps your employees healthy and productive in the workplace

Installing a care plan software in your workplace will help you manage the health of all employees. You can use this to measure and keep track of their overall health, including injuries and any conditions that may affect their work performance. This is a valuable tool for employers because it will ensure that all employees are physically capable to carry out tasks efficiently. Employees who have been checked in a doctor’s office and given the okay to go back to work will be happy that their employer is taking precautions if they get injured or suffer from certain conditions. This type of software also helps employees understand whether any illness may affect their health so they may better adjust their lifestyle and habits.

2) Improves employee morale by fostering open communication between employees and employers

Having a care plan software in the workplace will help your employees feel safer and more confident. Knowing that you have a system in place to keep track of their health and safety can help ease the mind of workers who might be uneasy about losing their jobs due to illness, injury, or conditions they may already have. With this type of software in place, employees can feel more at ease when they need to see a doctor. They won’t have to worry about how it will affect their work or if they will lose their job due to the absence.

3) Offers an exceptional return on investment that pays for itself by keeping workers healthy and productive

Some employers may be reluctant to purchase a care plan software because it may seem like an unnecessary expense. However, when you consider all of the costs you would incur if employees started calling in sick more often or ended up in the hospital due to injuries on the job, then this type of software can be seen as an actual investment in your business.

4) Fosters open communication between management and employees

One benefit of having a care plan software that is often overlooked is how it promotes communication. When an employer has this type of software in use, workers will feel more confident when they need to talk about their health concerns because it’s already been established that no topic is off-limits if it pertains to their health and safety.

It’s clear to see how a care plan software can benefit your business as well as your employees. It is important to have the best care plan software for you and your needs so it is not rendered useless or ineffective. It is important to research different software available and compare prices before settling on one.

All you need to know about sustainable energy centre

The sustainable energy centre is a non-profit organisation that aims to realise the potential of renewable energy sources, thereby contributing to environmental protection and job creation. The company was founded in 2008, but its origins date to 2003, when the first building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) modules were installed on flat roofs in Germany.

Initially starting as an institute for applied research and development for solar energy technologies, the company has diversified into other areas such as consulting services for businesses, municipalities and communities. It currently operates within five different market segments:

• BIPV module production;

• Solar systems design/installation;

• LED lighting system design/install;

• Consulting services; and

• Product development and prototyping.

The sustainable energy centre has developed a number of innovative solar systems, such as the “integrated” (“integriertes KfW-System”) and “customisable” (“schlüsselfertiges Photovoltaik-Kraftwerksystem’ PVSYST'”) systems. The institute’s production facilities consist of:

• A BIPV module manufacturing line;

• A sheet metal machine; and

• A solar glass cutting machine.

In addition to its research activities, the company provides consulting services for businesses, municipalities & communities. It delivers integrated audits in conjunction with local authorities and stakeholders, which help identify investment opportunities to reduce the level of energy consumption & carbon emissions.

The sustainable energy centre has conducted research projects with several universities and public institutions (e.g., Fraunhofer Institute) like the German Aerospace Centre (DLR). Collaborations also exist with organisations such as :

• Volkswagen AG, regarding solar-powered charging stations;

• UNESCO; and

• The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (Germany), in the context of its “Industry 4.0” initiative.

The company’s work has also been recognised at national levels by bodies such as :

• Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, for its “Solar Valley Paderborn” project;

• The European Commission, for the Solar Valley North project; and

• Germany’s Federal Environment Agency (“UBA”), for its work on solar energy audits.

The main activities of the sustainable energy centre are broken down into three categories: production/technical consultancy, consulting services & product development & prototyping. These are summarised below :

1) BIPV module production/technical consultancy:

• Consulting services related to architecture, engineering and technical inspection projects involving BIPV modules;

• Development of cost-effective photovoltaic systems with high efficiency for different applications. This has included building-integrated PV modules that can also be customised to meet specific requirements;

• Consulting services related to feasibility studies for the construction of new solar power plants. The company offers assessment tools that are acknowledged across international markets & can be used to identify potential risks & disadvantages associated with solar energy projects.

2) Product development and prototyping:

• Design, production & testing of flat roof solutions, rooftop installations, technical inspections & various applications (e.g., carports);

• Global market monitoring of BIPV systems (e.g., quality management system certification for ISO 9001). The sustainable energy centre was one of the first companies in Germany to achieve this status;

• Planning, design and engineering for PV modules connected to local low-age networks (LV networks), using innovative technology developed in its own research & development department.

3) Consulting services:

• The sustainable energy centre assists businesses, municipalities & communities by identifying potential projects that would reduce the level of energy consumption and carbon emissions. These might include the installation of solar panels on public buildings, for example;

• BIPV module inspections are provided to customers who are interested in either standard or customised modules. The company uses inspection tools & equipment to guarantee quality throughout all stages of the process, from production line testing through to final inspection;

• Solar heating system design/installation (e.g., PV systems for greenhouses);

• Large-scale rooftop projects involving LV networks; and

Vintage-style children’s dresses

Every parent wants their child to look stylish, but picking clothes for children is very difficult. If the clothing is too fashionable, it will be out of style before your child can wear them more than twice. If the clothes are too conservative, your child might fight you every time you try to get them dressed. Then there are always safety concerns. Vintage dresses come in many shapes and forms, so there’s one for every child. If you dress their children in clothes that are too revealing, you can change that. So what’s a parent to do? One solution is to select vintage-style children’s dresses for your little one.

For instance, if you’re looking for nice girls’ dresses, there are options from the 1940s as well as from today. You might even find dresses that are more current than what’s on the track at the local department store, but still classy enough to work for church or school.

If you’re looking for boys’ clothes, there are vintage-style children’s dresses as well. Boys of all ages will look sharp in vintage clothing, which is often made with better quality materials than what is available today. If you want your child to look hip without being trendy, look for vintage clothing.

You can also find original vintage dresses if you’re hoping to make your daughter the star of a costume party or photoshoot. There are lovely old-fashioned outfits that could work in any number of themes, including flapper girl or French maid. There are even Enid Blyton outfits or French aristocrat costumes.

Please note that it’s important to take your child’s measurements before you shop because older clothing doesn’t always fit the way you’d like it to. That could mean making some adjustments, like shortening a dress by sewing in elastic waistbands. It might also mean that you’ll need to buy modern children’s clothes to use as a base for your vintage creations.

Whatever you choose, though, the next time someone compliments your child on his or her wardrobe, you can tell them how it’s all vintage-style children’s dresses.

For those who want to give their children a jump on the latest fashion trends, check out vintage-style children’s dresses from before they were popular. Your little one might be sporting a designer label without ever having set foot inside a department store.

In addition to vintage-style clothes for infants and toddlers, there are also options for older children. Several stores carry vintage clothing, so you might find the perfect outfit for your tween or teen as well.

For those who don’t think of themselves as fashion-conscious, vintage-style children’s dresses may be the best way to make sure children look great without breaking your budget.

Whatever you’re shopping for, look for vintage-style children’s dresses before buying anything new. You’ll likely save time and money while still dressing your child in nice clothes that will last them through several seasons. You might even be able to create a wardrobe that will last through your adult years if you look for high-quality vintage clothes.

Surrey Loft Review

A surrey loft is a small structure attached to an existing home, usually built as an integral part of the original house. It may be called “loft” because it typically has much more headroom than living space in the rest of the house. Surrey lofts are not bedrooms-in-the-sky, but they can serve this purpose.

The stairs leading up to the surrey loft are usually enclosed inside the house, with a door at bottom and top of stairs, but there are also options for an open stairway. A railing is not included in our design plans. The surrey loft may or may not have window(s) that can be opened, depending on the climate.

Generally, the surrey loft is used by children (and not adults) who like to play in their own private space (without disturbing the rest of the family). It also functions as a quiet, separate bedroom for an older child or teenager. The temperature in your surrey loft will be much cooler than in the rest of the house in the summer and much warmer in the winter.

The surrey loft can be used as a home office, a small art studio, or just a place to store seldom-used items. Some people use their surrey loft as a place to sleep on warm summer nights.


There are many benefits of having a surrey loft in your home. It can provide extra living space, a quiet place for children to play or study, and extra storage space. The surrey loft can also add value to your home. If you ever decide to sell your house, a well-designed surrey loft could be the feature that sets your house apart from the others on the market.

Surrey lofts are also very practical. During the winter, you can enjoy the extra warmth near your heater because you won’t have to walk up to another floor to turn it on! Also, if there are any issues in your home with heating, cooling or ventilation, they are typically isolated to the surrey loft due to its distance from the rest of the house.

If you are considering adding a surrey loft to your home, please contact us for more information. We would be happy to discuss the many benefits of this type of addition with you.

The Surrey Lofts are a luxurious and modern community to live in. The building offers incredible amenities, such as a gym, pool, and roof-top garden. The location is perfect because it’s close to the highway and walking distance from shopping and restaurants.

The units at Surrey Lofts come with high ceilings, large windows, and a gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances. The bathrooms are spa-like with a big soaker tub and marble tiling.

A surrey loft conversion is a great way to add extra space to your home. If you are considering having a loft conversion done, it is important to do your research and find a reputable company to do the work.

Things to consider

If you’re looking for a spacious and well- designed loft in Surrey, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First of all, not all lofts are created equal – some are much more spacious than others. So, if you’re looking for a lot of extra living space, make sure to choose a loft that is appropriately sized for your needs.

Another thing to keep in mind is the design of the loft. If you’re looking for a modern and stylish space, be sure to choose a loft that has been designed with contemporary style in mind. On the other hand, if you prefer a more traditional look, there are plenty of lofts that feature more traditional designs.

Finally, it’s important to consider the location of the loft. If you’re looking for a convenient and centrally located space, be sure to choose a loft that is situated in a central neighborhood. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more quiet and peaceful, you may want to consider a loft that is located in a more residential area.

Masking Liquid for Windows

Masking liquid for windows (or liquid masking fluid) is a liquid that can be poured onto windows and easily wiped off without leaving any residue.

Most people buy this liquid to paint windows for scrapbooking purposes. Since the glassware has small corner parts, people need something that wouldn’t drip down or anything like that; also, it couldn’t damage the surface (the photo paper).

This liquid silenced both problems perfectly! You simply put some on a paper towel or something like that and wipe it on very quickly before it dries up too much – voila! It’s good as new. The only thing you have to do now is to wait for about 5 minutes before putting the photo paper in.

The liquid is really clear, and it’s a shame that you can’t see through windows in real life when they are covered with this stuff! It looks kind of mystical; however, it won’t help you much if your imagination lacks.

One spoonful of liquid is enough to cover one window (approx. 20×20 cm), so basically, the bottle will be good for eight pieces of scrapbooking paper. Of course, if you don’t use any other materials than glass, then one bottle will last you quite long – it depends on how many windows and doors you have to paint!

So, what must we do next? That’s right: go and paint some windows!

A good number of experts recommend you to use the biggest brush you can get, but if there aren’t any details on your window (let’s say it is made of one big glass pane), then even a small bristle-brush will do. Depending on how detailed your picture will be, you can make some parts with masking fluid and others without; for example, and people paint the door only on the photo paper while the windows were covered by masking fluid – just easier.

When painting, remember that if you don’t wipe off immediately after applying a new layer, then this layer won’t blend nicely with the previous one, and it might ruin all your hard work! If needed, go back and erase some parts with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or some other solvent.

TIP: if you have a piece of scrapbooking paper on the window, don’t worry if it gets covered by masking fluid as well – just do your best to remove it carefully with an eraser before applying the photo paper! Remember not to press too hard, or you might ruin your beautiful picture.

Most people start painting this way since they don’t want to risk anything and see what happened. But in the end, it turned out fine, so they can recommend this method even for beginners who are scared of making mistakes

If you choose to use only masking liquid, then there won’t be any problems caused by paint dripping down because that would happen when using tape or another kind of adhesive sticker. However, experts strongly recommend you use masking tape instead, especially if you want to take a picture with several different colors.

The tape will save your precious painting time by covering all the little corners, which is not possible with liquid. It doesn’t matter whether they are big or small! The main reason for using this kind of adhesive is that it leaves no residue on the glass when you remove it. After taking off the piece of masking tape, the window will look like nothing had happened – good as new!

Benefits associated with using Daikin air to water

Daikin air to water is an environmentally friendly technology that converts air into water. The process begins by heating the air, which causes the water vapor to rise. The vapor is then condensed and collected in a tank. Daikin air to water is an ideal solution for areas that have a shortage of fresh water. It also eliminates the need for traditional water cooling systems, which can be expensive to operate and maintain. In addition, Daikin air to water is a more efficient way to cool buildings and equipment. The technology has been used in a number of commercial applications, including data centers and manufacturing facilities. Daikin air to water is also being considered for use in residential applications. There are a number of benefits associated with using Daikin air to water;

  1. No water wastage

This is the most outstanding advantage of using Daikin air to water. There is no wastage of fresh water as this technology does not require any source of water. This makes it highly sustainable and environmentally friendly.

  1. Additional cooling capacity

During hot summer days, the unit can collect extra humidity from the atmosphere, which can be used for additional cooling during peak demand times.

  1. Low installation cost

The only unit required is a standard Daikin chiller with an external dehumidification coil or drier installed on it, making it very economical to install in commercial buildings that already have Daikin chillers installed on their premises. A low-cost condensate pump is also required for collecting the condensed water.

  1. Low running costs

The only cost associated with running the system is the cost of electricity to power the chiller.

  1. Zero carbon emissions

Daikin air to water does not produce any carbon emissions, making it a more environmentally friendly option than traditional cooling systems.

  1. Reduces load on air conditioning units

When used in conjunction with an air conditioning unit, Daikin air to water can help reduce the load on the AC unit, leading to longer life and better performance.

  1. Can be used in humid climates

As the process of converting air into water removes moisture from the air, Daikin air to water can be used in humid climates where traditional cooling systems are prone to failure.

  1. Very efficient

Daikin air to water is one of the most efficient cooling technologies, with only five percent of the energy consumed by an AC unit being used for its operation.

  1. Works well in hot climates

This process works very efficiently in areas that experience high temperatures throughout the year, including areas that have a desert climate where humidity levels are very low.

  1. Supports sustainable growth

Daikin air to water supports environmentally responsible economic development as it encourages the reuse of natural resources rather than making use of limited resources such as land or non-renewable sources of energy.

  1. Eliminates the need for water chillers

Traditional chiller systems use large amounts of water to cool buildings and equipment. Daikin air to water eliminates the need for these water chillers, resulting in significant savings on running costs.

  1. Saves money on energy bills

The use of Daikin air to water can help reduce a company’s energy bills by up to 30 percent when compared with traditional cooling systems.

  1. Reduces wear and tear on air conditioning units

Daikin air to water helps prolong the life of AC units as it reduces the load on them. This results in less money being spent on replacements or repairs.

The above are some of the advantages of using Daikin air to water. It explains why this technology has become so popular in recent years.

It’s double sided tape, and it’s great for making crafts.

Have you ever had the problem of drawing two shapes, cutting them out, and then realizing that there is no double sided tape for crafts or glue to stick them together? You could use pins, but if you don’t let go of the paper in time, they’ll probably fall. Pins aren’t very forgiving like double sided tape is.

That’s where double sided tape comes in handy. Double Sided Tape has a stronghold and doesn’t let go until you want it to!

So, how do you apply double sided tape? First, find a nice flat surface on your craft project that will be stuck on by double sided adhesive. Next, pull off about an inch of double sided tape. You can use double sided tape for crafts project so ask someone who makes crafts what they recommend.

Next, stick the double sided tape to your flat surface and then take a pair of scissors. The double sided tape comes in blocks that have to be cut into small pieces if you want to use just a little bit. This is the tricky part! Make sure not to hurt yourself with the scissors because double sided tapes always come out looking like a big rectangle when you’re done cutting it up, which means moving around sharp objects while stressed could lead to accidents!

Once you’ve got all your double sided tape cut up, make sure it sticks firmly on your paper or whatever else you’re sticking with double sided tape. Use your double sided tape to cut up the double sided tape into double sided sheets of double sided tapes! It’s double sided scissors for double sided double-sided sissies!

Now that you’ve got double sided double-sided double edged double-sided paper, all you have to do is make sure it sticks together by sticking together when you’re done with it. An excellent way to ensure this is with glue because if something isn’t stuck with proper glue, it’ll fall even worse than pins would in the situation I described earlier about cutting out shapes and realizing there was no glue or tape insight.

Here are three examples of double sided tape for crafts projects:

1) Use double sided tape to attach pictures directly onto a canvas without any need for mounting brackets. Place the back of your picture facedown on the double side adhesive surface and then press it firmly into place against the canvas before pressing the front of your picture on top of the double sided adhesive.

2) Use double sided tape to add a border on any craft project, such as a paperweight, plaque, or wreath. There are many different colors and styles available. You can even find double-sided foam tape, which is perfect for flowers and embellishments that you want to make three dimensional out of thin materials like cardboard and paperboard.

3) To make your double-sided tape, join together two pieces of double-sided adhesive strips with double sided tape runner (available at office supply stores). Peel back the release film from both sides until they grab hold of each other creating one long strip, which you can then cut into smaller lengths for future use. This double sided adhesive double-sided tape is excellent to use with double sided tape rolls and double sided foam tape. Enjoy your double sided craft projects.