Sonicwall is one of the leading providers of firewall security devices for small and medium sized business. They have a wide range of UTM – or Unified Threat Management – units that you can choose from. One question that is commonly asked by small business owners is why they should invest in these devices – they cost a lot of money and if a business is not under any imminent threat are they really a worthwhile investment? As a matter of fact, if you don’t already have a sturdy and reliable firewall in place you are taking an unmitigated risk every minute of the day. Loss of data has become one of the biggest concerns of businesses everywhere and it happens all the time. It will only be a matter of time before you have a big problem with your networks that will lead to loss of data. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in a firewall from Sonicwal UTM:
•    A firewall will monitor all traffic that is coming into your business. Traffic is usually sent in the form of packets and these are the ones that a firewall looks into to ensure that they do not contain any malicious code. You can set up your firewall to monitor both incoming and outgoing traffic.
•    You will be able to weed out Trojans. A Trojan is a virus that takes the form of an ordinary data packet, gets into a system, copies whatever it finds there and then transmits it to other systems. Imagine if one of your competitors planted a Trojan in your system – they would learn a lot about your operations. A firewall from Sonicwall UTM is an excellent way to keep Trojans out.
•     A firewall is the best way to keep hackers out of your network.
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