Wood stairs

At Salmon Bros. Limited we specialize in all types of construction jobs including working on wooden stairs.  Wooden stairs, when they are built right and kept in great condition, can be a beautiful addition to a home.  Rather than being a simple means of getting between the first and second level of your home, wooden stairs can be an elegant addition to your home that adds a real sense of style to it.  After all, if this is your home we are talking about, then why wouldn’t you want to have a staircase that is functional as well as pleasant to look at?

While wooden stairs can last a lifetime, they also require maintenance on occasion to ensure that they remain structurally sound and safe to use.  The last thing you want is to have a stair break or collapse, which can result in a significant injury.  Rather than risk this, having a licensed contractor like us come out to inspect and make repairs on your wooden stairs on occasion is a much better option.  We have the expertise necessary to spot any small problems that an untrained eye wouldn’t recognize, and we can make any repairs that are needed.

Whether you need to have a simple repair done to your wooden stairs, need a staircase built, or want to remove an old staircase and upgrade it with a more modern one, we are more than happy to offer our expert services to you.  With more than 50 years of construction experience, we offer a level of excellence that contractors with less experience just cannot match.  We have literally seen just about everything in the construction business, and because of that, we are uniquely equipped for any construction project, big or small.  If you have wooden stairs you need repaired, replaced, or even built, we are the company for you.