Plasterers scrim tape makes plaster more durable

After the construction work is over, the walls, ceiling and other areas are plastered so that they can be painted. If only plaster is applied, after some time due to water leakage or other reasons the plaster will start falling off. Repairing the walls and ceiling where the plaster has fallen off is expensive and time consuming. Hence it is advisable to ensure that the construction contractor uses plasterers scrim to keep the plaster in place, so that frequent repairs to the plaster are not required. Walther Strong is one of the leading manufacturers of scrim tape for plastering and details of the tape are provided below


The scrim tape is used for different materials like drywall, plaster, walls and ceilings. It is usually applied to the joints which are plastered together, since the cracks are more likely to appear there. The plasterers scrim is also applied on the corners. Before applying the scrim tape, the area is cleaned thoroughly to remove all the dust and debris. This will ensure that the tape will adhere to the surface properly. The scrim tape should be used after the first layer of plaster is applied on the plasterboard. The tape should be applied so that it is equally divided between the two boards which are being used.

Tape sizes

The tape is available in different colors and materials depending on the application. Depending on the joint or corner the user can choose between tapes of width

  • 50 mm
  • 75 mm
  • 100 mm

All the tapes are available in lengths of 90 meters. The tape can be torn off applying pressure using a plasterers trowel. Plasterers who require a sample to check the quality, can order one unit or smaller quantities. For bulk applications, to save money, the plasterers can order larger quantities of 36 tapes of 50 mm, 24 tapes of 75 mm and 18 tapes of width 100 mm for some of the tapes

Orange HD tape

The orange HD scrim tape has been developed after extensive research on the requirement of plasterers. It has two layers of adhesive, the scrim fibres have a layer of the backing adhesive. After this an additional adhesive which is pressure sensitive is applied on the first adhesive, so that it adheres well. The scrim tape is tested so that it can be used in all weather conditions including hot and cold weather. The scrim is tested to ensure that it adheres to the plastered surface, it does not fall off and does not crack. The open weave tape is strong and will not be affected by pressure. The tape is cheaper and can be ordered in bulk

White scrim tape

For many applications, and properties, light colored paint is being used. In these cases, a dark scrim tape may be visible. So in these cases, the white scrim tape made from fiberglass mesh is recommended. The tape uses open weave fabric to prevent bubbles and blisters. Since the adhesive used is extremely strong, the scrim tape will remain in place for many years. Using the scrim tape is cost effective since it eliminates the requirement for other preplastering treatment and improves the finish of the plastering.