Small Group Tours of Tuscany

You are planning to go on a small group tour of Tuscany and are wondering what you should do to prepare. First of all, you made an excellent decision to choose Tuscany as your holiday destination this summer. It is one of the most scenic areas in Italy, the weather is great and there is plenty to do. As for what you should do to get ready for your trip here are a few tips:
•    Make sure that you book your trip with a reputable tour company. As you can imagine, there are many tour agencies in the area and while they all claim that they will give you a great experience you cannot take their word for it. You should find a company that gets great reviews. Make sure that they have plenty on their schedule for you to do.
•    There are several things you must include in your holiday schedule. First is truffle hunting – Tuscany is famous for its truffles and booking a tour isn’t that complicated. You need to boom a tour with a guide and a dog – it is the best way to find truffles in Tuscany.
•    Once you find your share of truffles you will need to know how to prepare them and incorporate them into meals so make sure that you book a few cooking classes. A good tour company will allow you to book 3 or more classes depending n how much you want to learn.
•    You must also plan to attend ice cream making school. If you have ever wanted to make your own ice cream or gelato at home the place to learn how to do it is in Tuscany – there are schools where you can book as many lessons as you want.
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