Italian cheese

What is the best Italian making cheese? This is a question that many people ask themselves when they are browsing the Italian grocery store. The answer may seem simple, but there is more than one way to produce this delicious food! In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular types of cheese made in Italy: mozzarella di bufala campana (mozzarella), ricotta salata (ricotta), and caciocavallo podolico (cacio).

Mozzarella di bufala is the most known and arguably the most popular Italian cheese. It is a soft white fresh cheese made from buffalo milk that originated in Campania. This type of cheese can be found throughout Italy, but it has been historically produced exclusively in the southern region near Naples for centuries!

In Italy, there are different and historical companies that produce mozzarella. The biggest cheese producer in Italy is Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP, established by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry on October 29th, 1995.

This company produces about 70% of all Italian production of this type of milk!

The process to make mozzarella takes around 24 hours, and it starts by heating the milk. After that, rennet is added, and it is allowed to be set for 15 minutes. The curd is then cut into small pieces in a process called scalding with hot water or whey until they are soft enough to be kneaded together without tearing them apart!

The final step before packaging the cheese is to drain the water, salt it and then shape them into a ball.

Bufala is the most consumed form of cheese in Italy.

Ricotta salata differs from mozzarella because there are no rennet or enzymes added to create this delicious food; instead, ricotta is created by straining high-quality whole milk, producing something more akin to a dryer cheese parmesan.

Ricotta salata should also typically only have salt as an ingredient, whereas other types of ricotta may include additional spices such as ground black pepper and chili flakes.

Caciocavallo podolico is the last cheese we will discuss in this article. It is a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese that originated on the Italian island of Sardinia and is named after its production area, Podolia! Caciocavallo podolico has many similarities to mozzarella di bufala campana. It also starts as fresh curds pressed into round shapes with an imprinted pattern on top.

How do you eat these kinds of Italian cheese?

These products could be eaten as a snack, appetizer, side dish, or even main course! Caciocavallo podolico is often eaten with grapes and bread, while ricotta salata can be spread onto toast and topped with honey.

Mozzarella di bufala campana is one of the most versatile cheeses because it has such a great melting point that it could be used in place of almost any other cheese to create some simple yet delicious dishes.

We suggest trying them on pizza, on a sandwich, or in your favorite pasta dish.

There are so many different types of cheeses produced in Italy; however, these three represent some of the most popular ones found throughout the country! The next time you make your way down the grocery store aisle, be sure to grab one or two forms for yourself and see what makes them taste so good!

Why Go for Vegan Caserta Mozzarella

As good as caserta mozzarella tastes, it would be better to go for the dairy free version. The reason for that is because baby cows or calves get separated from their moms just to make this cheese. Thus, it would be nice if we can go for the plant-based version as there should be a lot of that wherever you go. There is always no shortage of people living a plant based diet. Their reasons may vary as some do it for health reasons while some would do it because they are against the cruel treatment of animals. Some would gain income because their horses would take people to nearby places. It is unbelievable how some people are too lazy to walk a short distance when it would be better to just walk and burn a few calories.

It is evident that dairy causes cancer. If you don’t feel the cons now then you will certainly feel it in the future. We should be thankful that there are plant based caserta mozzarella options available out there. There may be some available in the nearest supermarket while some can be bought online. Besides, it is not really smart to go out of your house while we are all in the middle of a pandemic. It is a good thing most plant based stores already implement online ordering so they will have someone deliver your orders straight to your doorstep. When that happens, you will be glad you did it and you will do it again so you don’t have to leave the house. Don’t forget to research for a few recipes where you can use vegan caserta mozzarella in the right manner like using it for vegan pizza or vegan cheesecake. Surely, there are plenty of plant based recipes online that you can use for the next few days so that you will be able to not regret going on a plant based diet that would benefit all the people involved.

We are helping the environment a lot when we go vegan as it is spreading the word for how plant based food would benefit everyone involved. We all know how killing innocent animals would lead to more wastes. It is shocking how some people would get involved with these types of crimes. It is all about being kind to each kind as they were not put on this planet to be eaten. The disgusting farmers and hunters deserve to be put in their place since they are killing helpless individuals who deserve to live a long life. They don’t deserve to get killed after serving them as they would want to see their kids also live to their full extent just like them. The humans who are involved in animal cruelty deserve to get punished but in some countries they let them get away with it for some reason. With some petitions, we can only hope they would see the light and do what is best for the future of this planet.

Small Group Tours of Tuscany

You are planning to go on a small group tour of Tuscany and are wondering what you should do to prepare. First of all, you made an excellent decision to choose Tuscany as your holiday destination this summer. It is one of the most scenic areas in Italy, the weather is great and there is plenty to do. As for what you should do to get ready for your trip here are a few tips:
•    Make sure that you book your trip with a reputable tour company. As you can imagine, there are many tour agencies in the area and while they all claim that they will give you a great experience you cannot take their word for it. You should find a company that gets great reviews. Make sure that they have plenty on their schedule for you to do.
•    There are several things you must include in your holiday schedule. First is truffle hunting – Tuscany is famous for its truffles and booking a tour isn’t that complicated. You need to boom a tour with a guide and a dog – it is the best way to find truffles in Tuscany.
•    Once you find your share of truffles you will need to know how to prepare them and incorporate them into meals so make sure that you book a few cooking classes. A good tour company will allow you to book 3 or more classes depending n how much you want to learn.
•    You must also plan to attend ice cream making school. If you have ever wanted to make your own ice cream or gelato at home the place to learn how to do it is in Tuscany – there are schools where you can book as many lessons as you want.
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