Clear glass whiteboard

A clear glass whiteboard is a remarkably handy invention that can be used in many ways. Pilots use them to make quick notations during flight to help record data and look up information quickly while they’re in the air. Architects make sketches and jot down notes on whiteboards, which are often found hung on drafting tables. In the hospital, nurses use them for writing the status of patients when moving between rooms or floors. Whiteboards can be placed on walls, in conference rooms and offices, and the home. They are especially useful for quick notations during surgery, dentistry, or any procedure that may involve much movement or use of the hands. The glass surface of a whiteboard is used to write on it with chalk and other markers while standing on it, making it extremely helpful in a hospital setting where patients must stand up as they go through physical therapy.

Benefits of using a clear glass whiteboard

There are many benefits that a clear glass whiteboard provides, and they are all very useful. They include the following; –

  • The glass surface provides a suitable writing surface while the board is being used. There is no need to worry about tracing pens getting on the board.
  • Allowing the audience to see what is being written on it and enabling them to ask questions of the reader.
  • A glass surface is easy to clean and disinfect, which prevents infections from spreading between rooms where they might otherwise occur. The risk of broken chalks or pens getting damaged by the glass in a janitor’s bin or any other location is reduced.
  • A glass surface makes the board lighter, which makes it easier to hang up or move around without much effort.
  • The writing surface is resistant to grease and water, which protects it from being damaged by writing instruments like chalks or markers.
  • Writing on a whiteboard is just like using a regular piece of paper, but one can see what’s being written in the process.
  • It is easy to move around if needed as they are lightweight and small enough to be portable.
  • General writing tasks on a glass surface are easier with a whiteboard over a piece of paper as it is more difficult to inadvertently smudge or press too hard.
  • If the whiteboard surface gets dirty, it is not difficult to clean and disinfect due to making contact with the glass surface.

Tips for using a clear glass whiteboard

There are a few simple tips to remember when using a clear glass whiteboard. They include the following; –

  • Before writing on the board, make sure that you have a suitable surface to write on. Do not use a rough surface as this could damage the clear glass whiteboard.
  • Always clean and disinfect your whiteboard at the end of each day to protect it and your health. In particular, clean up any chalks or crayons that might be stuck on the board before using it again.
  • Always use a suitable writing instrument when writing on a whiteboard. Dull pencils or chalks could damage the glass surface.
  • If the glass gets dirty or documents placed on it may get stuck, then use gloves to keep your hands clean.
  • If there are any magnets used to hold up the board, attach them carefully and make sure that they are secure before using them.
  • Keep small items away from the board’s path when using it, especially if small children could reach them.


As you can see, a clear glass whiteboard is an extremely useful invention that provides great benefits to anyone using it. With these tips and benefits in mind, you can use it successfully in your home or office wherever you need it most. As long as you are using a suitable writing instrument and keep the work area clean, you can keep your whiteboard safe and working at its best.