Independent Boarding School England

Your daughter has expressed a desire to be enrolled in boarding school and you are wondering whether it is the right way to go. Many parents are happy to send sons to boarding school but when it comes to daughters it is another story – how can you be sure that they will be safe, that they will thrive and get everything that they need? Boarding schools for girls in the UK have been around for hundreds of years and even though you are reluctant you may be pleasantly surprised – many girls thrive when they are away from home.
The final decision will depend on how far away from home you are thinking of enrolling your child and the particular school that you have in mind. It may be best to enrol them in a girl’s only school if you think that a coeducational setting may be too distracting. Distance is important to – if they are not too far away they can come home on weekends and return to school on Monday mornings.
You should pay a visit to the school to see what it is all about. Talk to the head teacher as well as a few teachers and make sure to make time for the dorm matron and anyone else who will be in charge of your child’s well being. Bring your child along too – they may think that they are ready for boarding school only to change their minds.
If they decide that they like the school and would like to be enrolled talk about the subjects that they will take and meet her teachers. Let your daughter know that if she doesn’t like the school she can talk to you about the reasons why and you make decisions together about what should be done.
Contact the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies through for more advice on how to enrol your child in boarding school.